Culpeper Fire Department Urgent Press Release

Culpeper Fire Department                             Urgent Press Release

All rides were inspected by a professional inspector, trained in amusement ride setup prior to the carnival startup. There was a mechanical failure with the ride, that could not have been seen during inspection. This amusement company has been serving area fire companies for the past 13 years without an incident/accident. There were no serious injuries and we have been in touch with the individuals that were on the ride at the time of the malfunction, and all are doing well. The ride was inspected at 8am today (5/25/23) by the Culpeper County building officials and the cause of malfunction was determined. The ride is currently closed until the new parts are installed, tested, and reinspected by the licensed building inspector.

Culpeper County Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association, Inc.
Culpeper Police Department
Culpeper Chamber of Commerce