Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department

Fighting Fires and Saving Lives and Property in Culpeper County for Nearly a Century

The Best Job in the World

The mission of the Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department (CCVFD) is to aid in the preservation and protection of life and property from and during fires and to provide assistance in other emergencies that may occur within the County of Culpeper, Virginia, and its vicinity.

CCVFD is a 100% volunteer organization. Our members are community-minded ordinary citizens with jobs and responsibilities who respond to community emergencies in their spare time.

Becoming a certified firefighter requires 100+ hours of state supervised training, a process which is also without compensation and physically challenging. If serving your community as a volunteer firefighter interests you, CLICK HERE to send us an email inquiry. We’d love to answer your questions about the best job in the world.

CCVFD Chief Kenny Mills

CCVFD President Steve Corbin

Passing of Lifetime Member Warren Rollins

It is with a heavy heart that we share the passing of our Lifetime member Warren A. Rollins. Warren joined CCVFD in 1994 and served the community and department in countless ways. Warren was always there to support us with any of our needs. We honor and remember his loyalty and dedication to not only our department but to the citizens of Culpeper.

Lifetime Member Warren Rollins

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