Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department Historical Notes

January 10, 1924

CCVFD Reorganization

Our present fire company, The Culpeper County Volunteer Fire Department, Company One, was reorganized and chartered in 1924.

The first meeting was held on the second Thursday, January 10th, 1924. The officers were appointed, and a roster was drawn up. On that night the roster contained the names of 19 men.

Our first Chief after reorganization was J. William Swan. He served 22 years, 01-1924 to 04-1946.


All business houses in Culpeper were closed from 2 to 3 o’clock on Friday afternoon, April 5, when everyone joined in paying the tribute of respect to J. William Swan, whose funeral was held during that hour from the Culpeper Methodist Church, with the pastor, Rev. W. L. Scearce, officiating. Such a large crowd was in attendance that barely half of those present could find seats within the main auditorium.

The casket, which was covered with a lovely spray of white Easter lilies and red roses, sent by members of the Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department to their beloved Chief, was surrounded by masses of other floral tributes, which banked the chancel and all available spaces.

The active pallbearers, all nephews of the deceased, were Julian Bowman, James Bowman, Alfred S. Bowman, J. Douglas Swan, Archie Carpenter, and Moses Lohr.

The honorary pallbearers included all members of the Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department, all members of the board of stewards of the Culpeper Methodist Church, and many additional friends.

Interment was in the family section of Fairview, where committal service was conducted by the Rev. W. L. Scearce.