Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department Historical Notes

The Culpeper Star Exponent, March 23, 1888

At a meeting of the Town Council, March 20, 1888, a fire company organized composed of the following: A. M. Nelson, E. P. Hill, Paul Chapin, Jake Strauss, Eppa Rixey, E. R. Welch, W. W. Chelf, F. M. Brown, W. C. George, J. A. Hawley, B. A. Leavell, J. M. Franklin, A. L. Whitestone, T. Herndon Brown, J. Messinger, H. C. Burrows, C. W. Hicks, Charlie Waite, W. A. Gilkeson, A. W. Courtney, J. T. Harris, J. D. Weaver, A. L. Goodloe, Jr., Dr. Lankford, James Barbour, Jr., S. Diener, A. A. Rosson, S. L. Cooper, H. Hawley, R. Lee Rosson. (Note: Many of these names are familiar and some still have family connections here. In 1886 most of the business section of the town was destroyed by fire, which no doubt prompted the formation of this company.

Merchants L. L. Langford, Silas Cooper and H. C. Burrows were instrumental in putting the first company together.

Attorney C. M Waite of Culpeper was chief of the first volunteer Fire Company in Culpeper, and Mr. R. L. Rosson succeeding him served until Chief Swan was elected when the department reorganized in 1924.