History – 1924 – 1959

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Those identified are:  1. George Lillard, 2. Ronnie Wythes, 3. T. I. Martin, 4. Bill Legg, 5. Murphy Hoffman, 6. Ed Payne, 7. Jack Quinn, 8. Verne Healy, 9. L. Cave Major, 10. Tom Estes, 11. R. W. “Bob” Hoffman, 12. Douglas Swan, 13. J. A. “Jim” Swan, 14. Russell Quinn, 15. Edgar Willis, 16. L. Frank Smith, 17. Chief J. William Swan.  (Note:  The hanging signs on the Second National Bank is Dr. B. R. Bell, Eye Specialist, and Robert Fisher, Insurance Agent, who had offices in the building.)  Photograph courtesy of J. D. “Jim” Swan, Jr.

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Culpeper Fire Company and other dignitaries (including Governor Harry Byrd) at the dedication of the Municipal Building in 1928.

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Culpeper Fire Company – Dedication of the Municipal Building in 1928

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Municipal Building – 1928  Left Truck:  Carroll Cannon, Ed Payne, L. Frank Smith, Chief William Swan, Henry Thompson; At Right:  Verne Healy, Bill Harlow, Jesse Yowell Back:  Ward Bushong, Hub Richards, Edgar Willis, R. L. “Bob” Martin, Walter Roy  /  Right Truck:  Yates Sellers, Murphy Hoffman, Asst. Chief L. Cave Major, Alfred Bowman, Letcher Longerbeam and Haywood “Jack” Colvin.

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The Culpeper Volunteer Fire Company – 1930’s – Front Row:  Howard T. Brown, John M. Barber, Percy Johnson, Bill Harlow, George Lillard, Edgar O. Willis, J. William Nicholson, Arthur Carroll, Jack Quinn  /  Middle Row:  Dillard Petty, J. A. Swan, Irvin Martin, Jesse M. Yowell, L. Cave Major, Chief J. William Swan, Letcher Longerbean, Hub Richards, R. T. Estes, Mahon McAlister, W. B. “Junk” Rosson  /  Back Row:  Jimmy Apel, Woody Carter, Verne Healy, Truman Colvin, Jack Guynn, Yates Sellers, State Police Sgt. Blue, Ed Payne, Winfrey White

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CULPEPER VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT IN 1949  –  The Fire Department was located in the Municipal Building in 1949, it was moved to the present building opposite the County Courthouse, and the Municipal Building was remodeled to accommodate the town offices.  Fire Company officers in 1949 were Jessie M. Yowell, Chief; H. H. Colvin, First Assistant Chief; L. B. Dulin Jr., Second Assistant Chief; H. L. Richards, Secretary; T. I. Martin, Treasurer; E. Murphy Hoffman, Captain; Ed Payne, Assistant Captain.

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Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department – 1950

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Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department – 1950’s Officers  –  From left: Ed Payne, I. Irvine Martin, R. T. “Tom” Estes, H. L. “Hub” Richards, H. H. “Jack” Colvin, Jesse M. Yowell, E. Murphy Hoffman

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Early 1950’s Bad News  –  Good News – No one hurt

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Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department – 1950

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Jack Griffin Showing New Gear

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June 30, 1955 Municipal Building  –  Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department Equipment

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June 30, 1955 Municipal Building  –  Culpeper Firemen’s Turn Out Gear

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June 30, 1955 Municipal Building  –  Culpeper Firemen’s Turn Out Gear

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Circa 1955  –  Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department  –  Tom Hand, Winnie White, M. D. Compton

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Circa 1955  –  Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department  –  Tom Hand, Winnie White, M. D. Compton

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Culpeper Rescue Squad Early 1950’s  –  Squatting L. to R.: William H. Johnson, William B. Button, Buddy Longerbeam, Jack Griffin, Kermit Wagner, Claude Huffman, Hal R. Jones. L.B. Dulin.  –  Standing: Unknown, J.B. Carpenter Jr., Hub Richards, unknown, H.H. “Jack” Colvin, B. Jack Allen, Henry Hinton, Joe Brown, J. William Nicholson, Dick Hite, Tom Franklin, Truman Colvin, Frasia Trice, J. W. Ross

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March 1, 1956  –  Culpeper Fire Company Attending Methodist Church

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May 30, 1957  –  Culpeper Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Firemen’s Parade  –  The truck is a 1926 model.  This photo was taken during a parade supporting the fire department, explaining the sign on the vehicle.  The men in the picture remain unidentified.

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May 30, 1957  –  Annual Firemen’s Parade

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May 30, 1957  –  Annual Firemen’s Parade

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May 30, 1957  –  Annual Firemen’s Parade

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May 8, 1958  –  Culpeper Fire Department New Fire Truck